Guest rooms
Economy    10 rooms in "Nishi-kan", three storied

All rooms are in one type.
We make
reasonable prices for them.

Standard   17 rooms in "Hon-kan", two storied

These rooms are various types
and most popular in AZUMASOU. We recommend strongly these types to experience the Japanese life.


Deluxe  7 rooms in"'Bekka"', one storied

Each room is very big and wide witha bath-tub made by Japanese cypressand a pleasing washroom. They are completely separated, but connected with "tatami-corridor".

"Suigestu"special banquet
 room in Bekkan


 bathroom open-air bath "tatami-corridor" in Bekkan
  reception  main lobby   lobby
'Satono-yu', indoor baths, for men and women.
"!Okame" and"'Hyottoko", open-air bath, without partition between men and women.
"Mastubokkuri", snack bar.
"Jyakushou-an", tea-ceremony room.
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